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Feb. 3rd, 2015 07:16 pm
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Jan. 28th, 2015 12:34 am
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Player Name: Daimon
Preferred Pronouns?: she/her/hers/etc.
Player Contact: AIM: yazooairspace, [plurk.com profile] yazooairspace
Other characters in play? N/A

Character Name: Zhǐ Rén (formerly Luke fon Fabre)
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Game Transplant: Changed
Original App: Here you go!
Game Summary: Changed is a panfandom game heavily inspired by Changeling the Lost, a tabletop game where players play humans who have been kidnaped by the True Fae (think mythological faeries crosses with extraterrestrial aliens) and twisted into inhuman forms.

In the game, characters were stolen away from their home worlds and transformed into one of three Seemings--a non-human servant, a beast pet, or a household object--to serve a Fae Keeper. All were stripped of everything related to their former life except for a single memory, which served to 'awaken' them and make them realize that they weren't who or what they thought they were. Armed with these memories, the goal became regaining the lost memories and also escaping from the house they were all confined in before the absent Keeper returned.

How long was your character in Game: About 2 1/2 months real-time, about a month game-time (due to a 3:1 day ratio)

History of Character in their Game: Prior to the start of the game, Luke was taken and physically transformed into a journal...and basically unused, shelved in the Keeper's library. He 'woke up' a month later than most of the other Changelings, and spent most of his first week conscious poking around the house and trying to figure things out. He had a few brief conversations with some of the other Changelings, including a tiger and one of the servants.

As luck would have it, he had woken up in the middle of an odd flower invasion. The house had become overrun with several different coloured flowers, which affected whoever touched them with a particular emotion associated with the colour of the flower. On his second day awake, he ran into Brimstone (aka Zoe), who had fallen under the influence of one of the flowers and turned her gun on him. After an interrogation to determine whether or not he was spying for their Keeper (he wasn't, they figured out), his journal-self was placed underneath a bookshelf in the library for safekeeping. At one point, he claimed a small part of the bed in the Keeper's bedroom, arranging the blankets as best he could into a makeshift cave to sleep in.

After the flowers, Luke did some more exploring, discovering that the house had a name ("Mason") and encountering a firebrand Changeling in the library.

A month into the game, the interior of the house went pitch black, lit only by whatever Changelings happened to be able to call upon fire to provide light, or else anything that was able to be lit on fire. During this time, several Changelings were found murdered with various body parts missing. Luke was not heavily involved with this event, as he had enough trouble trying to navigate his way around in the dark--he was very hesitant at that point to get anywhere near fire, even if it did provide light--and thus did not interact with many of the others.

The last major event was the cold weather--indoors, even!--and the arrival of snow. Which Luke discovered was very cold, very wet, and very liable to cause his skin to melt if he exposed himself to it too much. He ran into Zoe again at this point, upon leaving the library to check on whether it was snowing in other parts of the house (it was). This is the last thing that actually happened in the game, so this is the point he's being pulled from.

How did they change from their canon personality wise (Please explain what caused it to happen?) Since Possession Changelings are basically as inhuman as you can get when it comes to Changelings (being turned from human to inanimate object), they can be a bit weird when it comes to things like human emotions and behaviors. This goes double for Luke, as in canon, he had spent less than a decade learning how to be a functional human being before being hauled off to spend who knows how long as a book in Arcadia. As a result, his social skills are even worse and his sense of tact almost nonexistent. He'll poke at (literally and figuratively) anything that piques his interest if he's not physically stopped from doing so and tends to withdraw completely if upset or bothered about something.

He's also extremely protective over his physical self and other books, to a certain extent--he won't get upset if a book is minorly damaged, but doing something like burning or ripping apart one will get him angry.

How did they change from their canon physically (Please explain what caused it to happen?): The biggest change is that Luke's been basically split into two forms, a Possession one (the one he was forced into) and a 'spiritual' one that looks very much like he did as a human. This is his Possession form (though white instead of brown). His 'spiritual' form is more or less identical to his human form, but has unsettlingly white (much like paper) skin, ribbons for hair, and a white jacket that exactly matches the cover of his Possession form. To those who can't see through Fae magic, however, he simply appears as a very pale kid with long red hair and odd fashion sense.

Powers: In Changed, he was stripped of any of his canon powers, which is...not really that much, considering he had one actual power and the rest were just flashy battle techniques. But here is a list of said battle techniques. Luke is/was like a magic swordsman that fails at actually using magic most of the time.

The one canon power that was taken away was his ability to produce a hyperresonance, which is like nuclear fission, only with sound. Basically, he can destroy and recreate matter at the atomic level by vibrating sound at it. Usually involves explosions. He used it all of once in canon and everything went to hell, so it's probably good that he doesn't have it anyway.

As for Changeling powers: being a journal, his job is to keep track of written things, any written things, including drawings. His book form has been enchanted so that it never runs out of pages, no matter how many it appears to have, and it has the ability to take dictation by itself if necessary. How this translates to a power is that Luke can remember the details of any event he happens to be witness to and never forgets anything he's ever seen, heard, or read. Things he has personally witnessed or experienced are more accurate and detailed than second- or third-hand accounts.

In Arcadia, he had the power to tell where his book self was at any time, but outside of that realm, he can't track that self unless the journal is physically open. Also, he is extremely durable, but can be damaged by extensive fire or water exposure, so he tries to avoid those elements whenever possible.

Luke also possesses the Changeling abilities to dreamwalk and make magically-binding Contracts (think every Disney contract you've ever seen, only with worse consequences). He's experienced in neither of these things, and is likely to accomplish either entirely by accident.

-'His' journal
-A cloak made from a giant pillowcase

Please provide three samples from your previous game, at least one will have to be third person with context:
Sample One: Meeting Tom Riddle, finding a librarian is suggested
Sample Two: Books and firebrands are a great combination
Sample Three: Luke meets Brimstone/Zoe, is interrogated at gunpoint

Notes: Luke was never officially 'named' in-game, but he was called 'zhǐ rén' so many times that he just adopted it as his new name. It means 'paper doll'--he doesn't know that, though.
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We the Lost
Intro (2/3)
First impressions - Luke, Data Riku
Auldrant - Luke, Dist
More Changelings - Luke, Makoto
Birds - Luke, Jay

Dream beach - Luke, Zoe

Day 10

First woke up - Luke, Tom Riddle
Grappling Hook? - Luke, Mituna
Giant kitty cat - Luke, Kotetsu

Day 11
Scary Gun Lady - Luke, Zoe

Day 14
The whole house? - Luke, Mason

Day 15
Books - Luke, Elsword

Day ???
Murder? - Luke, Jeff

Day 26
Lady statue - Luke, Feferi

Day 37
Hate snow - Luke, Zoe
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Luke's Seeming is that of a journal--mostly blank, but with a few entries that either he or his Keeper might've written in there.

Or that others may have written.

This post is for anyone who writes (or draws) anything in Luke's physical book form. Just comment with the character and content (text, pictures, etc.)
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Name: Daimon
Preferred pronoun: She/her/hers/etc.
Preferred means of contact: yazooairspace @ AIM
Any other characters currently in-game? Nope!

Name: Luke fon Fabre
Gender: Male
Age: Physically: 17; chronologically: 7
Source: Tales of the Abyss
Canon Point: The moment the Sephiroth supporting Akzeriuth explodes

History: http://aselia.wikia.com/wiki/Luke_Fon_Fabre
Personality: ‘Obnoxious brat’ is probably the best way to describe Luke, in a few words. He’s self-centered, spoiled, whiny, and generally annoying to be around. Also a member of nobility, which gives him the sense that he’s more important than most anyone he interacts with outside of his family, up to and including other members of nobility.

Much of his spoiled nature results from his upbringing. Luke’s life has been a fairly easy one, where he hasn‘t had to worry about whether he had food or money, and has servants to tend to him. Combine this with what is essentially 7 years of house arrest with no one but his family and servants to interact with, you get a guy with a skewed sense of importance and the impression that he can do what he wants. Also terrible social skills. He’s learned that this isn’t the case outside of his home, but it hasn’t really stopped him from reacting badly when things don’t go his way. If allowed to, he’s likely to yell at whatever is bothering him, or if he’s particularly angry, he’ll throw or kick things. He’s also likely to react this way if he or thinks he’s being ignored or doesn’t understand something.

Which is actually a lot, as Luke is ignorant of many things most people his age consider common knowledge and doesn’t seem to have much of a drive to learn those things. In fact, his view of the world is much like a child’s--after being kept isolated at home for 7 years, everything is new and needs to be examined, questioned, or both.

Boredom comes easily to Luke, as does impatience, and if something fails to hold his interest for more than a few minutes at a time, he’s very likely to stop caring about it. Or at least deem it stupid or a waste of time and then begrudgingly attempt to give a damn. On the other hand, if he does express interest in something, he’ll stubbornly focus on just that thing and try to ignore anything else. This gets him in trouble several times (and also triggered a tantrum on his part) when his desires conflict with those of everyone else and he has to be dragged in the right direction. He’s also lazy, expecting others to keep him entertained rather than put out the effort to find something to do.

Luke is extremely averse to killing and bloodshed, especially when people are involved. He’s not a pacificist by any definition; he’s trained to wield a sword and is a decent fighter, but balks at the idea of killing human beings and even non-humans in some cases, especially if they’re not hostile. He has a minor breakdown after killing a person in self-defense and prior to that, feels sick after destroying the eggs in a monster’s nest. Luke also seems not to mind helping out people who seem to need it, though in most of these cases, he'll help but either complain the whole time or otherwise find some way to act like he really doesn't want to do it.

Into the Hedge )
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